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Here are some of my recent business and marketing samples. I’ve written about careers, payroll, recruitment, human resources, employee benefits, sales, and inbound marketing.

Careers Blog Posts

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What’s a Career in Denturism Like?

5 Ways a Career in Denturism Can Improve Lives

Job Seekers: Consider These 5 Things Recruiters Want to See

7 Advanced Resume Writing Tips

Avoid Terrible Temp Mistakes and Awe Your Employer This Summer

Job Seekers: What Not to Do in Interviews

Payroll Blog Posts

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How Exactly Can Payroll Companies in Canada Help Your Business?

Your Top 7 Payroll Questions, Answered

Why You May Need to Outsource Payroll

Recruitment Blog Posts

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7 Tips for Hiring Managers to Find Top Talent

Why Some Industries Rely So Heavily on Contract Staff

Thinking about Hiring a Temp Worker? 5 Things You Should Know

Human Resources Blog Posts

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How to Build an Employee Wellness Program that Actually Works

3 Challenges in Leave Management

4 Benefits of Real-Time Engagement Evaluation

7 Best Practices for Managing the Onboarding Process

What Are Total Rewards Statements and Why Do I Need Them?

Employee Benefits Blog Posts

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Voluntary Group Benefits vs. Individual Benefits

EAP Plans: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Debunking 5 Drug Plan Management Myths

The Business Owner’s Guide to Funding Group Benefits

Why You Should Reconsider Capping Health Benefits

Inbound Marketing Blog Posts

Women on Business

11 Clever Things to Do with Your Old Blog Posts

7 Secrets for Creating Blog Posts that Get Shared

10 Places to Get Inspiration for Your Next Blog Post


A Simple December 2017 Holiday Contest Guide

A Comprehensive January 2018 Holiday & Hashtag Guide

Tweak Your Biz

How to Use Content Marketing to Attract Top Employees to Your Small Business

7 Inbound Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making (And How to Fix Them)

Web Copy for Instagram Influencer

Pickles is one of the most famous dogs on Instagram. Her owner needed a professional website to promote Pickles. The website is written in Pickles’ silly style.

Lil Pickles Da Pug Website