Technology Portfolio

Here are some of my recent technology blog posts. I write about B2B technology (HRIS, ERP, PLM), Fintech, and blockchain. These posts were written for Westman Editorial.

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

What Are the Top Drivers for Using Benefits Technology?

What is a Human Resource Information System?

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing New HR Software

7 Simple Reasons to Implement HR Technology

5 Problems You Might Encounter with HR Technology – And How to Fix Them

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

10 Key Features You Should Expect from Cloud-Based ERP Solutions

5 Wholesale Distribution Pain Points ERP Can Solve

5 Tips for Inventory Management Across Multiple Locations

What’s an ERP System and What Can It Do for My Business?

Do Small Businesses Really Need an Integrated ERP System?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

7 Things to Avoid When Upgrading Your PLM Technology

What Does PLM Software Mean for My Business?


How FinTech Companies Are Solving Long-Standing Payment Problems

Understanding FinTech Categories

FinTech Adoption Has Surged Globally Over the Past 18 Months


What is Blockchain?

Understanding Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin

What Impact Will Technologies Related to Blockchain Have on Your Organization?

9 Big Industries Blockchain Tech Will Disrupt